Past Meetings


Meeting Date
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Unedited Transcripts*
Exhibits **
Tuesday, 10/09/2012   Link      
Friday 9/28/2012 Link Link MP3    
Friday 9/07/2012 Link Link MP3   Link
Friday 8/03/2012 Link Link MP3 Link Link
Friday 7/27/2012 Link Link MP3 (PART 1)
MP3 (PART 2)
MP3 (PART 3)
Link Link
Friday 7/6/2012 Link Link MP3 Link Link
Wednesday 5/30/2012
Community Forum
    MP3 Link  
Monday 5/14/2012 Link Link MP3 Link Link
Monday 4/16/2012 Link Link MP3 Link  
Friday 3/02/2012
Link Link MP3 Link  
Friday 2/03/2012
Link Link MP3    
Friday 1/20/2012
Link Link MP3    
Friday 1/06/2012
Monday 12/19/2011
Friday 12/09/2011
Friday 11/18/2011

*In an effort to ensure maximum access to the Commission’s meetings, links to unedited transcripts are provided that reflect the subtitled captioning feed that appeared in the meeting room during the meetings (or portions of meetings) that had that captioning service.

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